Resources for student employee development

The resources below are available for your download or access to provide your student employees additional development opportunities. These are great ways to supplement their time in your office while ensuring they are finding both meaning and success in their positions. You are always welcome to contact us at with any questions related to these resources.

IU employee trainings

There are a variety of trainings that are either required or suggested to be completed by all IU faculty and staff, including student employees. If your students have not completed any of the below trainings, we suggest providing them some time to do so.

Implicit bias training

The Kirwan Institute at The Ohio State University has developed a research-backed series through which you and your student employees can gain insights about your minds, the origins of implicit associations, your own biases, and strategies for addressing those. Each module is divided into brief lessons, and many take less than 10 minutes to complete.

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Expand.IU training

Check out the various online learning opportunities from soft skill development to software platform training available at Many of the opportunities are free and are perfect ways for students (and you) to continue your professional growth.

Visit free trainings here

Career development resources

Each of the below resources provides fully developed modules or supplementary resources centered on a variety of career development topics and skills. Click into each to learn more!

One goal of student employment is to ensure a developmental experience through which students find valuable connections to their future workplace. Consider using these 31 open-access modules to support your student employee’s development toward their career competencies and needs.

Access the modules here

Does your student employee need to develop professional goals? Could they refresh their current goals to make them more actionable? Share the below presentation to provide a brief learning experience through which your student employee can further develop their SMARTER goal(s).

Access the presentation here

Students are likely gaining very transferable skills in their work with you. Use the below presentation to provide your students a learning pathway through which they can reflect on and consider further development of their marketable skills.

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As your student employees continue to reflect on their work and continued career development, these modules will help provide resources and grounded educational content. Each module is designed to help students work toward a successful workplace experience and ultimately a successful transition from college to career or further studies.

Access the IU Career EDGE modules here

You might have heard the phrase that student employees are students first, and that is certainly the truth! Provide them an opportunity to watch and reflect on positive skills for their studies (and the workplace) by leading a reflection around the Bepko Learning Center videos available at the below link.

Access Bepko Learning Center resources here