Champion Supervisors

What is a champion supervisor?

Our champion supervisors are those who supervise student employees and have chosen to go above and beyond to provide high-quality work experiences for students. Their dedication to student employment is demonstrated by their participation in all three Jaguar Series supervisor trainings. 

Champion supervisors are some of the biggest advocates for the Office of Student Employment, and we provide them with additional perks, training opportunities, and resources as a thank you.

Our current champion supervisors

Natalie Albert

Lisa Bridgewater

Landon Brothers

Hanna Brown

Angie Cannon

Jacob Cole

Olivia Cooley

Kasey Cummins

Katrin Danielson

Jessica Davis

Chris Dobbs

Taylor Dooley

Teodora Durbin

Sarah Eltzroth

Amanda Fishman

Liz Freedman

Erica George

Michele George

Jennifer Gleissner

Megan Guannac

Deanna Hart

Kate Hayes

Katie Hillock

Kirsten Jackley

Devina Jani

Morris Jones

Ta-Kisha Jones

Amanda Keene

Lauren Little

Katie Livingston

Jennifer Lund

Janna McDonald

 Asha McCauley

Nichole McCollum

DeNita Middlebrooks

Mark Minglin

Becky Mock

Ashley Msikinya

Keenan Mumma

Kathy Nichols

Terry O'Brien

Cristina Padilla

 Charlotte Pell

Amber Phillips

Mandy Porter

Anna Proctor

Derrick Rogan

Evelyn Safder

Derek Savick-Hesser

Chelsea Schue

Katy Shreve

Sherri Smith

Will Smitherman

Shelly Snider

Liz Vine

Linda Wardhammar

Susie Wiesinger

Peggy Wortham

Carlos Zapata

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